Switch can make for a safer drive

We give a tip of the cap to the traffic safety commission in Tiffin for taking steps to reduce collisions at two intersections in Tiffin while still trying to help conserve fuel.

This week, traffic signals at the intersections of Miami and Nelson streets and Circular and Melmore streets were set to cycle throughout the day. Previously, the lights would blink during periods of lower traffic.

The blinking signals let drivers on one street proceed with caution while motorists on the perpendicular street had to stop and yield to any oncoming traffic before proceeding. This can save motorists fuel.

Logic might suggest the inconsistent signals would compel drivers to be more alert to the signal pattern at those two crossings. But the number of collisions prompted the commission to switch the signals to operate on a continuous red-green-yellow-red cycle.

This spring, traffic detectors are to be installed near those intersections. That would allow the light to remain green for traffic on the busier route, but allow vehicles on the other street to activate the signal sequence. This would allow traffic to flow more efficiently.

One thing won’t change, however; motorists still need to pay attention while navigating their routes.