Christmas nostalgia … from the Seneca County Museum via Facebook

Gem Mfg. Today’s vintage ad is a view from an early 1930s Gem Manufacturing Co. catalog showing an extremely simple tree stand they made many years ago, and we wonder how many of these vintage stands are still around today in attics or basements. Gem Manufacturing was located in Bascom and made a wide variety of wood products over many years. Their catalog mentioned that their facility was over 50,000 square feet of floor space and they shipped several carloads of finished product each day.
Tiffin Bake Shop Today’s vintage holiday ad comes from a 1961 newspaper for the Tiffin Bake Shop and it’s for a cake that looks like a house with Santa and his reindeer on top. We noticed that back in 1961 there were two locations for the Bake Shop on South Washington Street and their products were also available at Foodtown. If you want to order a cake, just call GI 7 - 0844 or GI 7 - 4893!
Koller Store Facebook Vintage Christmas Ad of the Day — Here’s a great old ad from 1927 announcing that Santa’s reindeer were sick and he’ll be arriving to Tiffin by way of the “Interurban Electric,” which was a streetcar. He would be greeting the children at the Shawhan Hotel, and later he’d be at the Koller Store, which is where the Gold Bond apartments are today. Streetcars were a typical form of transportation in 1927, so most people wouldn’t think that Santa riding in a streetcar as being unusual … but I’m guessing we’d think it was pretty neat in this day and age.
Junior Home greeting cards Today’s vintage Christmas ad comes from a 1941 Junior Home newsletter and here they’re advertising Christmas cards that were printed in the home’s print shop. Like everything at the Junior Home, they didn’t skimp when it came to equipment and they could do just about anything there, including books, pamphlets, newsletters, sports programs and … Christmas cards. When you buy a box of Christmas cards today, you’re usually stuck buying a box of cards where all the cards are the same design. With the Junior Home cards, you had 21 different designs all in one box that were personalized with your name. Many families kept Christmas cards over the years, so if you happen to find an old box in your grandparent’s attic with older Christmas cards, take a closer look at them! They may be Christmas cards that were printed at the Junior Home in Tiffin!
Jolly’s Drive-In In 1962, Jolly’s Drive-In was selling Christmas trees.
National Machinery Vintage Christmas — These photos appeared in a 1954 Advertiser-Tribune. In the top photo we’re seeing employees installing decorations on the exterior walls of National Machinery. To give an idea of the size of these decorations, the “Seasons Greetings” sign was 70 feet by 25 feet. The bottom photo was taken at night and it was mentioned that the display would be illuminated from 5:15 to 11:00 p.m. every evening. Many families have a tradition of taking an night-time tour of the town to see the Christmas decorations and each year the National Machinery display was a “must see” on that tour!
Hubach’s This Dec. 23, 1938, Hubach’s ad encourages everyone to serve ice cream with Christmas dinner.

Seneca County Museum has been posting Christmas nostalgia on its Facebook page during the past month or so. Here is a selection of ads and photos. Some might bring back memories — or provide a glimpse of Christmas past for younger people.

The descriptions are from museum Director Tonia Hoffert, local historian and museum volunteer Mark Steinmetz and other volunteers. Some of the ads and photos below were posted and some were provided by Steinmetz and Hoffert.