Tiffin couple plan to start Bible study

The Calvary Tiffin logo.

A local family has hosted Bible study from their home the past three years and, in March, plan to open services to the community.

Ben Sandrock and his wife became affiliated with Calvary Chapel in Florida while they were living there. Upon returning to Tiffin, the two agreed to start hosting Bible study services at their home.

Sandrock said last year, they prayed on what their next steps would be and, when they found community space within the Tiffin Community YMCA, they knew it was time to grow their efforts.

According to Sandrock, Calvary Tiffin is a church plant in Tiffin focused on creating an environment to connect to Jesus, to grow in relationship with him and to love others.

Sandrock said their focus is to find those who don’t have a church in the community and invite them to theirs.

“My wife and I always grew up within the church, but I didn’t know Jesus,” Sandrock said. “When we moved to Florida, the Calvary church there was a good fit for us. The teaching is simple and is a cool way to get to know Jesus.”

Sandrock compares it to being a fan of a football team who believes he is a member of the team, but in reality is just a fan following the team.

Sandrock said the teachings are focused on the Bible and are laid-back. The goal, Sandrock said, is to find like-minded people who want to connect more with Jesus and grow together with one another.

The meetings Sandrock hosts and plans to continue to host in a community setting start with a prayer, followed by songs and Bible study. At the YMCA, he said, there also will be an area for children so parents can enjoy more adult teachings along with a children’s version.

The first community meeting is to take place at 6 p.m. March 18 at Tiffin Community YMCA, 180 Summit St.

For more information, follow them on Facebook and Instagram @calvarytiffin or email bensandrock@yahoo.com.