Berg + One

Heidelberg University has announced a new program in the School of Business called Heidelberg + One, which is to help students transition from a bachelor’s degree into the university’s master of business administration program with no additional cost.

According to a release provided by the university, students completing their bachelor’s degrees in any major in four years, with a qualifying grade-point average, are eligible to enroll into the full-time, one-year MBA program. Qualifying students would have their tuition waived for the MBA program, saving them $28,665.

“This new double-value package will provide the coveted opportunity for our students to add business knowledge to the skills they developed as undergraduates,” Haseeb Ahmed, dean of the School of Business at Heidelberg, said. “In the end, they will have a competitive edge as they seek employment and pursue their professional careers.”

Freshmen are eligible for full funding when they graduate within four years and meet the other criteria. Sophomores, juniors and seniors also qualify at a prorated discount of 75, 50 and 25 percent. The program then would be available to all incoming students.

“Our continuous quest for excellence and value have led Heidelberg to initiate this program,” Ahmed said.

Ahmed said employers need broadly educated management talents.

“They need a management team that can plan and design change in a technologically sophisticated global environment that is driven by innovation and creativity,” Ahmed said. “The Berg + 1 program can fill this need.”

Ahmed continued by saying The Berg + 1 program is to produce better prepared leaders.

“It will link passion and purpose with management and economic needs of society,” he said.

The full-time MBA program at Heidelberg operates on an eight-week format with six terms offered during the academic year.

For more information, visit or email Ahmed at hahmed@