Holy burrito, Batman!

Man marks 100 days in a row eating at Chipotle, eyes record

PHOTO BY JILL GOSCHE Bruce Wayne (left) picks up his Chipotle order from employee Savana Dotson Tuesday.

Bruce Wayne has been going to a place where employees know his name — every day.

He is seeking to break a record for the number of consecutive days a person eats Chipotle food, and he celebrated Day 100 at the Tiffin establishment at 596 W. Market St. Tuesday evening.

He said he is aware of 425-day streak, and he said there is no question in his mind he will break it.

“This store — awesome,” he said.

Wayne started the streak in Findlay’s restaurant Oct. 31.

There was a special that day allowing diners in costume to receive a meal for $3. Wayne, who dresses as Batman — the comic book alter-ego of the fictional Bruce Wayne — for community events, donned his gear, starting the quest as Batman.

“And, I’ll finish as Batman,” he said.

Wayne drove to Findlay every day for about two weeks before Tiffin’s restaurant opened in November.

“It’s only been here (since it opened),” he said.

Chipotle is closed four days a year. On the day before the closure, Wayne purchases two meals to ensure he has one for the next day.

Wayne said he has lost weight and spends less at the grocery store.

“A lot of what they have in here is organic,” he said.

Wayne, who is a therapeutic program worker and has worked at Tiffin Developmental Center for more than 19 years, was joined Tuesday by friends Jim Smith and Rodney Moyer, a co-worker.

Hunter Reichard, service manager of the restaurant, said employees know Wayne, a “cool” guy, by name. It is fantastic to have him in the restaurant,

Reichard said.

“You don’t see that very often,” he said.

An employee presented Wayne with a congratulatory napkin with a fudge treat tucked inside.

“His meal will be free today,” Reichard said.

People can follow Wayne’s adventure on Instagram at gothams