Scissors incident alleged

Mother worries over handling of event at TMS

The mother of a Tiffin Middle School student is asking the district to take a traumatic incident involving her daughter seriously.

Friday afternoon, Jennifer Houck was notified of an incident involving her 11-year-old daughter and a male student.

According to Houck, her daughter was grabbed with a “weapon to her throat.”

Houck said the incident took place during a change in class periods around 10:30 a.m., but she was not told of the situation until 2:45 p.m.

Houck said she was upset because “there was a weapon in the school.”

“Even if it wasn’t involving my child, there was a weapon in the school,” she said.

The weapon used was a pair of scissors with the handles off, she said.

“The incident in question has been handled,” said

Tiffin City Schools Superintendent Gary Barber. He said he could not comment on discipline involving the male student.

Houck said the incident was not handled properly and was not reported to police until her daughter returned from school and the family pressed charges against the boy.

Barber said he learned of the incident late Friday and since then has had a chance to talk to the girl’s family.

Barber and Houck said notification of law enforcement was delayed because the officer who usually is on duty on Fridays was off work.

According to Houck, the school planned to wait until Monday to make an official report to police.

“I just couldn’t believe it wasn’t a red flag,” she said. “It should have been reported right away.”

Barber said he has had conversations with TMS Principal Shawn Murphy and the district is trying to provide better communication with local police and will respond more promptly in the future.

“We are taking the situation seriously and we want to be able to ensure a safe environment for our families,” he said. “Situations like this cause us to take a good look at everything and do everything in our power to prevent any future situations.”

Houck said her daughter is traumatized and did not want to attend school Monday.

“Now my 11-year old has to testify in court,” she said. “No one should go through this.”

“This is where we send our kids to be safe,” Houck said.