Republic Village Council: Talk focuses on Reviving Republic

REPUBLIC — Seneca County Commissioner Shayne Thomas visited Republic’s council meeting Monday evening. He explained the county comprehensive plan, which involves cities, villages, townships and parks.

He noted economic development in the villages has been woeful and commissioners are encouraging Seneca Industrial and Economic Development Corp. to make annual contact with the villages to market their assets. He said community members may take a survey on line to express their opinions about future development.

Thomas thanked council members for serving their community.

Mayor Jeff Larick announced a group, Reviving Republic, is working on the restoration of the Town Hall, which is owned by the Scipio Township trustees. Preliminary conversations have been conducted with the trustees, council and the historical society. A website is being developed at Reviving Republic.

Being from the Republic area, Thomas added that Reviving Republic sounds like a good movement and the county would assist in any way for the effort.

The village administrator’s report stated the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s asset management plan for the village’s water supply is due by Oct. 1 and members approved working with Engineer Lyn Makeever to complete their plan.

A U.S. Department of Agriculture Americans Disability Act compliance review is compelling the village to install a ramp to the village office bathroom in a timely manner.

In other business, the council:

Heard that all funds total $2,005,200.59, with $600,000 of that invested.

Heard hydrant flushing is set for Wednesday and Thursday.

Heard phase 1 of the ditch dredging project west of SR 19 is to start by the end of August.

Learned the house at 105 N. Kilbourne Str. is to be demolished.

Adopted a resolution accepting amounts and rates set by the budget commission, and certifying them to the county auditor, waiving the three-reading rule.

Adopted a resolution certifying delinquent utility accounts to the county auditor, waiving the three-reading rule.

Adopted an ordinance modifying an earlier ordinance regarding manufactured home installation.

Learned rumble strips are to be added to SR 18, SR 19 and SR 67 after Sept. 1.

Announced sheep have been removed from a village property but a solution to the smell is ongoing.

Council is to meet at 7 p.m. Sept. 4, as Sept. 3 is Labor Day.