Attica talks veterans memorial park with Regional Planning

ATTICA — Attica council met Thursday night and listened as Seneca Regional Planning Executive Director Charlene Watkins paid members and the American Legion a compliment on their plans for the future Veterans Memorial Park.

She was present to offer any assistance from the county for the project. Legion Vice Commander James Alt is to meet with Watkins and community development specialist Danielle Steinhauser to discuss possible grants. It was noted that most Community Development Block Grants expect a minimum 10 percent match from the local entity.

Watkins also said Ottawa Sandusky Seneca Joint Solid Waste District grants are no longer available.

Mayor Bryan Shock asked about sidewalks around the park and lighting for the area. Watkins said to add them to the cost of the project and noted she would like to see a rear entrance from the parking area.

“We want this to be a safe, accessible environment,” she said.

Watkins reminded officials that in obtaining quotes they must show a prevailing wage for workers. Much of the project is to be volunteer labor and she would check how much in-kind labor counts toward their match.

Next, Tracy Bordner, representing the summer softball league and Seneca East baseball league, questioned whether the association contracts for this summer are prepared. Solicitor Rick Palau is creating them.

Responsibilities for taking care of Legion Field were an issue. Previous contracts stipulate the ball association take care inside the fence and the village outside. Counciul hears trash receptacles at the field are being filled by citizens and blowing about the field. Trash has piled up in the dugouts and residents let their dogs run about the field without cleaning up after them. Some vandalism has been done. Bordner questioned whose responsibility it is to dispose of the trash.

“We’re here to make this work for the community. We need to do what is right for these fields. We need to work together,” Bordner said.

Council heard Myers Park has a dumpster for the ball field and the ball association pays half the dumpster fee, sharing costs with the village. The baseball association is responsible for picking up trash after games.

Council agreed to place a small dumpster at Legion Field with a key lock and the association is to place trash in it after games. Members also agreed to place a large dumpster at Myers Park near the swimming pool parking lot for the baseball association.

Former police officer Jason Bush asked about security lighting for the Myers Park concession stand. He requested that coaches not share the code for the building. Legion Park is considering a concession stand in the future.

Changes in the agreement are to be forwarded to Palau for drafting new contracts between the village and the ball associations.

A large water and sewer bill brought resident Justin Keaton to the meeting. Having found there was an outside water leak, he asked that the sewer bill be reduced since water did not enter the sewer system. Council discussed and determined he must pay the average monthly sewer bill plus the cost of water used in a three-month period.

Village Administrator Greg Martin thanked the Lions Club for planting a tree near the playground in Myers Park. He also reported cold patching potholes has been finished and members of Attica Methodist Church concerned about the removal of a buckeye tree have requested the village declare in writing that the village is the owner of the tree.

In other matters, council heard all funds contain a balance of $1,101,934.35, and heard a trash piling up in an alleyway near the drive-thru has been cleared.

Council meets next at 7:30 p.m. April 25.