Seneca County Project Livesaver drone training


Detective Sgt. Kevin Reinbolt of Seneca County Sheriff’s Office flies one of the office’s new drones during Project Lifesaver training at the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, 3040 SR 100, Friday afternoon. Seneca County Sheriff Bill Eckleberry said the drone cost about $27,000 and was paid for by the sheriff’s office and local Lions Clubs. The drone has a thermal imaging camera and has the capability of carrying about 10 pounds, which could be used to drop a small line or life jacket to someone stranded in water, he said. Seneca County Project Lifesaver helps find people who are in need of 24-hour care and who might not be able to find their way home if they wander. “The drone is great for searching cornfields and is a lot quicker than having (fire and EMS) personnel walk through them,” Eckelberry said. Personnel from the sheriff’s office, Fostoria Police Department, Green Springs Police Department and Attica-Venice-Reed EMS District took part in the training Friday, he said.