Calvert students show artistic ability

Calvert Catholic High School art students are tested not only on their artistic ability, but on how well they use the skills their teacher teaches in the classroom.

Calvert art teacher Marla Shultz works hard to implement and build her students’ strengths in the elements and principles of art.

Shultz said all the art projects she assigns involve the elements of line, shape, form, value, space, color and texture – and the principles of rhythm, balance, emphasis, proportion, gradation, harmony, variety and movement.

Recently, fourth-year art students conducted an examination using 3-D art in a sidewalk design along with their written exam.

Shultz said students had their artwork topic of choice to draw and apply all that they learned.

“They had to make sure they strategized their use of space and dimension,” she said. “They all did a phenomenal job.”

During the year students have worked with 3-D sculpture with wire mesh and aluminum, oil painting, installation, impressionism, paper crafts pop-up art and kirigami.

“I always try to take my students to the next level,” Shultz said.

She said she tries to not do the same projects twice, or at least waits a few years to revisit certain projects. But aluminum work and paper craft are a real favorite for students, she said.

By using the elements and principles of art in their work, Shultz said students also can take this problem- solving strategy into their other classes.

“Anything in art can be used in other ways to be more efficient and creative,” she said.

Shultz said she has had amazing feedback from her past students on how they have used what they learned in her class outside of school.

“I love what I teach,” she said. “Hearing students’ feedback is what really keeps me going.”

Next school year, Shultz said she would really love to work with just ink work; learning the history of ink work and developing it further in her classroom.