Council to rearrange employees in engineer’s office, public works

Tiffin City Council met in special session Monday to consider restructuring the City Engineer’s Office and the Public Works Department.

The proposal, according to City Engineer Matt Watson, would be to increase efficiency and functionality of both departments, be a cost-saving measure, provide savings on money spent for consultant fees and promote longevity within management of each department.

Mayor Aaron Montz said the proposal was put in place following the announcement of Public Works Department superintendent Mike Hoffman’s retirement at the end of the year.

“We saw this as an opportunity to increase functionality and productivity of these departments,” Montz said.

Watson said the proposal would have Assistant City Engineer Brandon Burner move to be the Public Works superintendent and start training in September with Hoffman before his retirement.

The engineer’s office then would hire a part-time engineer tech and then an assistant engineer to replace Burner.

New positions would be created within the proposal, including the city engineer, assistant city engineer, Public Works superintendent and part-time engineer tech.

According to Watson, these positions would be 40-hour-per-week positions with pay rates not changing, but with the engineer and assistant engineer each receiving $1 extra for having a surveyor’s license.

Watson said the proposal would save the city over $10,000 in payroll, not including what could be saved in the cost of consultant fees on upcoming projects.

“We didn’t want to slow the work our offices are doing and to show fiscal responsibility to the city’s residents,” Watson said.

Council President Mark Hayes said, “This is the direction we need to go.”

Council members Rich Focht and Joe Hartzel made a motion to approve the proposal and to create an ordinance to be considered by council, which was approved 7-0.

“I feel this is an excellent decision for the city,” Montz said.