Planning in progress for fair week

Summer is just around the corner, and that means the Seneca County Fair soon will be here. Preparing for the annual event is ongoing as the Seneca County Fair Board met Tuesday.

One topic of discussion brought up by the Junior Fair Livestock Sale Committee was a need for computers and equipment. Computers are used for the purchasing of animals during the livestock sale. For the last few years computers have been donated to help complete this task, but can not be used this year. Board members approved $3,000 toward new computers.

Also discussed was mosquito spraying for the fairgrounds, golf cart and portable toilet rentals and purchasing 18 new handrails.

Another topic reviewed was to raise the minimum wage for seasonal help, which was approved. Wages are to be raised by $1.

President Brian Staib shared his satisfaction of an overall productive meeting. “We got a lot of things accomplished,” he said.

Other matters under consideration are the need for a manure hauler and looking into options for trash companies.

The fair is to take place July 22-28.