Ohio Business Week holds youth entrepreneurship camp

ATHENS — For 30 years, Ohio Business Week Foundation has been investing in the future entrepreneurs of Ohio by educating and inspiring them through a summer business and entrepreneurship camp.

Never has there been a time in history where there were more demands on teenagers. Young people are making decisions earlier in their lives as to the career focus and direction there life will take after graduation. Yet still, there are young people that enter the next phase of their life with no plans.

Ohio Business Week provides an important role for its participants in making these vital decisions. For the 175 high school students that participate in the summer camp program, some will decide to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions while they are currently in high school. Some will realize that a business degree in college is a great way to get into nearly any career field.

Some might even decide that a business career is not for them and this could be the biggest benefit they take away from the conference.

After the students experience Ohio Business Week, 94% say they have a clear understanding of what it takes to run a successful business and 95% say it enhanced their abilities to work in teams; skills any teenager and future leader can use. Ohio Business Week does not just increase knowledge in the areas of business planning, financial responsibility, supply and demand, importance of relationships and how to moderate risks. Youth entrepreneurship has been proven to

improve academic performance, school attendance, interpersonal skills, job readiness, problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities.

175 high school students are to attend the week-long residential camp at Ohio University. Students are to create stimulated companies based around their own ideas for products/services.

All high school students are encouraged to apply by visiting www.ohiobusinessweek.org.