Property Transfers, Sept. 24

Transfers listed as





Clinton Township

All Machinery Rebuild and Sales LLC

Woodmen Three LLC


Vacant lot on South SR 231

Troy A. and Lindsay M. Wetzel

Martin J. Persinger


3158 E. TR 122

U.S. Bank National Association

Brandon Theis


2922 E. CR 50


Stewart A. Behm


950 E. TR 1172

Janet L. Herbert

Timothy A. Finkey


427 S. TR 1179, Unit 1A


Angela L. Puesey



26 Tiffin St.

Matthew Zahner

Paul K. Carroll III and Gretchen Carroll


441 Clinton Ave.

Ronald L. Walters Sr. and Sue A. Walters

Frederic Charles Spurk, successor trustee


657 Hedgegate South

Kevin R. Carrigan

Joan M. Atwater and William T. Carrigan,



294 Coe St.

Lisa A. Felton

Charlene J. Pope, Helen E. Whitacre trustee


52 Towne and Country Drive

Thompson Township

Kristi Ehrman

Yvonne Lagron, et. al.


13596 E. CR 32

Eden Township

Jacqueline M. Anderson

Elizabeth I. Howard


4042 S. TR 22

New Riegel

Jacob A. and Amanda R. Gonzales

Adam R. Reinhart


31 W. Tiffin St.

Hopewell Township

Austin R. and Nicole Kingseed

Donald E. Brandt


5100 TR 112


Vincent V. Vanravenswaay and Kellie Hall

Albert C. and Janet P. Frankart


234 W. High St.

Thomas C. Hayes

Elcherts Buckeye

Construction LLC


224-228 N. Main St.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC

Dennis L. Bronston


734 S. Main St.

U.S. National Bank Association, trustee

Stephen Strohl


703 Northview Drive

U.S. Bank National Association, trustee

Linda Bowman


133 E. 4th St.

Clyde and Louise A. Miller

Charlotte A. Glover


707 Northview Drive

Travis D. Leisure

Joyous Living Rentals LLC


142 Fall St.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc.

Doris G. Gibson


417 Union Court

Britt Dox LLC

Chad Brichner


911 N. Main St.

Jackson Township

Benjamin A. Brickner

Roger L. McDonald


9219 W. TR 57


Erica Rana McDowell

Abigail Boehm


98 Eden St.

Green Springs

Steve and Bethany Bower

D. William Harris


100 S. Broadway St.

Gail and Jewell Garza

Barbara A. Tusing, trustee


103 Catherine St.

Adams Township

Barry Meade

Scott A. Meade and Ricky R. Meade


8115 E. TR 178

Elizabeth Wieczorek

Gary Chaney


6741 N. SR 101

Venice Township

Joseph L. and Betty O. Snell

Lynda D. Moser


5921 Lydell Road