Property Transfers, Dec. 17

Transfers listed as






Timothy E. and Amber M. Sturgill

Jack W. Kramer


226 Franklin St.

Jeffrey D. Morrison

Randy M. Ferguson


East Fremont Street barn

Stephen and Deborah Tyree

James R. Wagner, Richard E. Wagner and Kathy S. Gundlach


419 Clinton Ave.

Eden Township

Derek J. Bloom

Rex H. Felton, Trustee


4199 S. TR 159

Clinton Township

Alvern N. Boes and Renee A. Boes

Chad N. and Chelsea Hall


2267 S. TR 159

Reed Township

Kane A. Naugle

Paulette Sue Ohlen Schank


2700 N. CR 27

Liberty Township

Edward and Erin Harmon

U.S. National Bank


5081 W. TR 36


Henry T. Strickland

Dorothy A. Treble by Dominic Vassal, POA


424 S. Main St.

Russell Allen

Alberta M. Day by Mabel L. Smith, POA


223 E. Sixth St.

Kerry J. and Kathleen Moore

Sandra Fay Stephenson and Barbara Kay Hager


928 E. Park Drive

Melissa Hoerig

Sabrina D. Lucius


315 N. Caples St.

Hopewell Township

Jodi Monday

Rusty S. Aldrich


6518 W. TR 112

Lynn Haynes, LLC

Daniel and DeWald, an Ohio Partnership


1183 S. Brace Ave

Michael T. and Amber E. Feehan

Richard W. DeWald, trustee


3 S. CR 7

Jackson Township

Larry A. and Louise S. Steyer

Amy A. Dieter, Trustee


Bare land on TR 84

Connie L. Beard, Gary and Kristen Funkhouser

Raymond C. Stump, Larry Stump and Phyllis Connors


TR 36