Higher education takes new meaning

The times, they are a-changin’ in the Buckeye State. Now, it is possible to go to college and major in dope.

Really. Hocking College, in Nelsonville, plans to offer new courses in marijuana. The goal is to offer an associated of applied science in laboratory sciences with a major in cannabis.

Hocking College has been approved as one site where laboratory testing of medicinal marijuana can be conducted. Sales of cannabis products — smokable marijuana remains illegal — to those with legitimate medical needs are scheduled to begin Sept. 8.

It is not unreasonable that Hocking College, with a laboratory capable of testing the quality of cannabis, would consider a vocational offering. Several states permit sales of marijuana for recreational use. There may be a market for people qualified to test the product.

To their credit, college officials are being careful with their promises. “We don’t want to set up false expectations” among students, one official told the Columbus Dispatch.

Well, good. Our advice to those getting on line right now to request admissions applications to Hocking College is to be careful.

Majoring in marijuana may not be a good entry on every job application, after all.