Correct error in new gun law ASAP

Quite a few law-abiding Ohio gun owners may find themselves running afoul of a new state law because of an error in how it was drafted. State legislators should correct the statute as soon as possible.

Lawmakers approved what should have been a mere housekeeping bill, to bring state law into compliance with federal limits on shotguns with short (less than 16 inches) barrels. Such “sawed-off” shotguns are viewed by some as useful only for shooting at human beings.

But somehow, as the state bill was being drafted, language banning some types of guns entirely was inserted into it inadvertently. Among those now banned are AK-47 semi-automatic rifles and any shotgun or rifle with a pistol grip.

Such guns — legal under federal law — are sold and used widely. They are no more dangerous than dozens of other models of long guns.

Yet technically, they are illegal in the Buckeye State.

Members of the General Assembly reportedly are eager to correct the error, but say that may take a few weeks.

The sooner the better, obviously. Ideally, the correction should be made before the statute-in-error is scheduled to take effect, in late March.