Wind turbines vs. wildlife

I read with interest the letter from Jodi Gibson: Wind turbines vs. bats; I am in agreement and must add owls. Did you know one owl can easily do the job of 12 cats as a mouser? All the owl needs is a house, that’s much cheaper than cat food or vet bills!

We used to live on CR 50. In the country, the wildlife is amazing; every time you go out, there is more to see and learn. It’s peaceful, it’s therapeutic. Farming is big here. Adding to nature, we provided natural food sources and shelter. More trees and a small pond fed by downspout, moving water and pond heater.

In contacting the Ohio Division of Wildlife, we were told we had one of the best areas they had seen. We got a Backyards for Wildlife Award. A grant for a pond and swamp development came through for us. Unfortunately, my husband was involved in a cycle vs. truck wreck and plans stopped.

Back to the bats; in the country, we put up a house for them. Plans came from the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Within days, we had bats and the difference they made was night and day — no mosquitos! Yes, bats might come close, but they are only after the mosquitos that you are attracting!

Also there are eagles to safeguard, they are nesting around here, not to mention the hawks and other protected birds that are at risk. We need birds of all kinds, to eat bugs and insects; without them, the world would be infested! A desert or another uninhabited area could use a little wind. Surely not our wildlife home! We need to protect our birds.

Contact: Ohio Divison of Wildlife, it has a beautiful Barn Owl on its site with words: ” Have You Seen One?” Contact: (800) WILDLIFE.


Rebecca Price,