The following letter to the editor appeared in The Advertiser-Tribune Sept. 30, 2016: “Should we believe everything being said about Hillary Clinton’s use of emails? Does it matter that email protocols put into play by Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell had marked similarities to email systems used by Clinton? There are two possibilities here: that Powell and Rice are immune from scrutiny because they served under President George W. Bush, a Republican; or, alternately, that they did nothing illegal. Lord forgive anyone who might even consider that Clinton did nothing illegal as well. With that said, the focus on how Clinton accessed her communications does serve one purpose. Had it not been for the email issue, Congress would have been forced to hold endless hearings into why Clinton uses unwaxed dental floss versus waxed. After months of “flossgate” hearings, everyone alive would simply have to know that Clinton had some ulterior motive beyond good hygiene. One final thought. How does Donald Trump propose to return American industry such as steel to the old glory days? Could this be accomplished by imposing massive tariffs on foreign steel? Then what happens when foreign governments respond by retaliating with tariffs on American agricultural imports? Could this be why Congress retains a laser focus on email versus the seemingly more pressing issues at hand?”

Now, fast forward to 2018. Then reread the next to the last sentence above. This isn’t rocket science, folks.

Karl Walters,