Perspective on windmills

As a former resident of Tiffin and current resident of Colorado, I’m watching the windmill controversy in Tiffin and would like to submit some observations/learnings from the West, where we have a lot of windmills.

1. Windmills kill birds of prey. A little-known fact is that birds of prey (eagles, hawks, etc.) hunt at the altitude of the blades and are looking down, not at the blades. Wind farms have to get an exception from the government to kill eagles.

2. Is there a bond to remove the windmills at end of life or do they become “field art”?

3. They are very noisy and require regular maintenance. Better hope the company doesn’t go out of business.

4. They require a large electric motor to get them going again after stopping from lack of wind. Not so much a problem here, but in Ohio. …

I’m all for practical renewable energy. Windmills remind me of CFL bulbs that contain mercury. Good goal. Wrong solution.

Timothy O’Donnell,

Colorado Springs