Journalism is dead

Saturday, The Advertiser-Tribune ran a front-page article telling readers that the discredited website, BuzzFeed, had anonymous sources alleging President Donald Trump obstructed justice. But special counsel Robert Mueller issued a statement at 7:30 p.m. Friday that said BuzzFeed’s story was not accurate.

Surely you must know that every time The A-T prints inaccurate or unverified stories, you damage your reputation and that of the entire press. Or perhaps the ends justify the means?

Thursday, we found out (but not from The A-T) that before it was used by the FBI as a basis to spy on the Trump campaign, Mueller’s hit men knew the Steele dossier was unverified and funded by the Clinton campaign. Did BuzzFeed release its story Friday to distract from that damaging fact?

But the already disgraced Mueller team had to refute BuzzFeed to try and say what little of its stature remains and avoid a leak investigation (where Mueller’s team would be subjected to lie-detector tests).

The A-T’s reporting on matters regarding Trump continues to be one-sided and shoddy at best. To wit: Who murdered Seth Rich? Where is Josef Mifsud? Who is Stefan Halper? Who is Elizabeth Dibble? Who is Felix Sater?

Why were the DNC email servers not examined by the FBI when they were supposedly hacked? Why the kid-glove treatment when investigating Hilary Clinton’s illegal email server? Why was Gen. Michael Flynn set up by the FBI? Who authorized operation Crossfire Hurricane? Why was U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power abusively unmasking the identities of US citizens? Why is Zanab Ahmed on Mueller’s team?

Why did Alexander Downer deliver intelligence to the U.S. embassy rather than his own Australian embassy? Why did the perjurous DNI James Clapper try to fire NSA Chief Michael Rogers? Why did Susan Rice write her inauguration day memo? Why did Mueller personally deliver 10 grams of highly enriched uranium to Russia? Why is the press conspiring in the coup d’etat against Trump?

The answers to these questions apparently don’t comport with the agenda of your press cabal. Thus, neither The A-T nor The Associated Press will solve them. Americans deserve better. Journalism is dead.

Bruce Guzowski,