Proud of roots

A touching letter in The Advertiser-Tribune Jan. 16, was written by Anne (Feasel) Brooks, Zion Crossroads, Virginia, “The risk of ripping out those roots.”

I don’t know you, Anne, but I know your family. I grew up on our home farm several miles south of your great-grandparent’s farm, the Frank Feasel’s, good farm people in Hopewell Township. They eventually bought a farm in Eden Township and moved.

Your grandfather, Urban Feasel, was a couple grades behind me in Hopewell-Loudon school. His sister was in my grade. I remember so well the sadness we felt. Your grandfather’s older brother, Francis, was killed serving our country in the ’40s during World War II while we were still in high school.

Your grandfather, Urban, had a speech impediment. He stuttered. I know he was teased. That didn’t keep him from getting married, raising a family and becoming one of the best home builders in Tiffin and the area and buying a farm.

Anne, you have every right to be proud of your roots.

Let us hope and pray we can keep the wind turbines out and keep our farm land and the Tiffin community beautiful as it is forgenerations to come.

Ruth Hoepf,