Thanks to Allen Eiry

Back during the 1950s, Allen Eiry was known as a generous person who helped build local businesses by supporting them with funds he had saved. Today, his hard-earned savings keep on giving to the people of Seneca County.

The Allen Eiry Center Inc. has been “serving seniors since 1971.” We were able to purchase and refurbish our current building located at 28 Hopewell Ave., Tiffin thanks to the support of the Allen Eiry Fund along with many local businesses and organizations. We have doubled in membership throughout the past six years, providing a plethora of programs, classes, speakers, exciting trips and a beautiful facility that many call their second home.

As Allen Eiry’s name is very well known throughout Seneca County, we feel very blessed that we have received grant money from the Allen Eiry Fund administered by The Columbus Foundation for 2019. These funds allow us to provide great programs for the people of Seneca County 50 years of age and older. Mr. Eiry has been gone for many years, but his kindness and generosity live on.

Diane Culver,

executive director

Allen Eiry Center Inc.