Check your facts first

I don’t know where the so-called syndicated columnists came from, but Erick Erickson has shown he is part of the fake news crew. I assume he is a liberal and as such would like to get his lick in on our president, truth be damned. He has to know the Democratic Party was in favor of a wall until it became a Trump priority. As such, they need to take the opposite viewpoint as our president to prevent him from getting a win. He has done what he must, as proclaimed in Erickson’s article “consequences be damned.” It is already too late and we have let tons of drugs and many criminals into our country. Many people will die before this problem can be solved. I cannot believe that someone would put politics before the safety of our entire country. I could not sleep at night if I thought this could be the result. If people would travel to our border and spend some time there instead of basing their opinions on other’s hearsay, they could write their articles from fact, not fiction. This country has suffered enough from spending by politicians who feel they need to please special interests without judging if this is the best use of our dollars. We need to cut waste and be very selective with our spending. The wall will save millions of dollars and make our border more secure.

James A. Somers,