Congregants reply

We are writing in response to the letter, “Change is Needed,” in the March 8 Advertiser-Tribune.

One opinion does not speak for the congregation of Fort Seneca Community Church.

Pastor Nathan and his family came to us two years ago when we were in need of a pastor. We continue to grow and prosper under his leadership. We have several new members, offer a children’s church and nursery, and have drawn many new young families to our services. This had not been happening for several years. The youth of our church have had several activities and invited other children from the surrounding area to join. Last summer, three different Bible school sessions were held, with an average of 20 children attending each session.

Our ministries, local and overseas, have grown tremendously. We are holding social events within the church to get to know one another better and spend more time with our church family.

Our church isn’t massive in size but it is strong and powerful and we are doing a lot of great things. If you want to see for yourself what a good pastor, leader and man we have, please join us for Bible study at 9 a.m. and worship at 10 a.m. every Sunday. If you can’t join us, please visit our website at fortsenecachurch.com and you may also hear Pastor Nathan’s services online.

Leadership Team/congregation

of Fort Seneca Community Church