It’s their right

I read an interesting letter to the editor today. It was submitted by Stanly Hoffman and it was in regards to the church in Fort Seneca. Seems the writer was concerned about how the pastor there conducted services and what version of the Bible was used. I’d like to say beforehand that I, too, do not think that the church in Fort Seneca is a church described in the Bible by Jesus as being his church. Because of that, my family and I don’t go there! The Fort Seneca Community Church has just as much right to hold services as they see fit as any other church in the area. This is one of the issues the founders of our nation addressed in the Constitution. I would suggest that the writer read 2 Timothy chapter 4 verses 1-4 in whatever translation they choose, and see if Paul may be describing them to Timothy.

Ed Kirchner,

Old Fort