Let’s have a discussion

An argument is to find out who is right:

a discussion is to find out what is right.

With all of the violence we are experiencing in this country, what we need is to enforce gun control — total gun control! That would do much to solve our problems. Really? But, there are others who say full gun control is too much. Partial control would do the job. Then there are some who are totally against any form of gun control.

OK … so which one makes the most sense? Full gun control, partial or none at all? Over the years there has been a lot of debate on that, hasn’t there? And it just goes on and on, day after day. Yet not much has changed, as most everyone still holds to their strongly held belief and we can’t find much to agree on as to which is the better option.

I have some thoughts that I would like to share with you on why we cannot come to an agreement on this or many other problems. Now, I know that I’ve covered this before, but please bear with me because it is worth repeating.

As far as all of our discussions are concerned, I would like to pass on a good quote — something to think about when you have nothing else to do: “Discussion is an exchange of information; an argument is an exchange of ignorance.” — Robert Quillen.

You see, I believe the reason we have a difficult time solving any of our problems is because we do not know how to, or we choose not to, communicate properly with each other. How often do you see anyone discussing a disagreement while they sit and give their view in a calm and respectful manor? And how often to you observe a person listening with an open mind and really thinking about what the other person is saying?

We don’t see it that often, do w? Instead of observing someone listening and thinking with an open mind, most just sit there and think of their rebuttal. If you really observe, you will see it quite often. Especially watching the evening “news” on TV, it is an on going occurrence. Some have already had their mind made up period even before the discussion started.

You will notice that we can argue about the same problems night after night, week after week, from one year to the next, but we fail to come up with an answer. Why? I believe it’s because, too often, instead of discussing a matter calmly, we end up shouting and doing our best to belittle the other person. And it never changes we keep up with the same type of dialogue, which means we cannot or we choose not to communicate in a constructive way. We all — you me and everyone — could solve many problems, our own personal problems with family and many others.

In no way am I suggesting we stop talking about gun control. I am only suggesting we concentrate and talk about the reason why there is so much violence with guns, shooting in our schools, in churches and all over. What is the reason or reasons for all of this? Let’s talk about family life that sure is overlooked there days, The proper way to bring up our children.

So, let’s replace talk of gun control with talk about why is it that we need to control the use of guns. So, those are my thoughts for today, with no disrespect for those who disagree with me. We all have a right to think differently. Please keep the following thought in mind:

“Tolerance only for those who agree with you is no tolerance at all.”

–Ray A. Davis


Frank SanGregory,