True plans not true

Now I see the true plans for the left for the 2020 elections. They know they do not have any logical or specific goals to defeat President Donald Trump. He is doing everything he said he would do if elected. There is a new plan by the left. They are going to drag everything up they can find, even if it would have to be made up. If they can, they will push this concept till after the 2020 elections in hope it will change enough votes to score a liberal victory.

Their scheme will not work. Anyone who has paid attention to what they are trying to do can see the obvious truth. If you cannot win the election on your own merits and use lies and deceit to win, where will our country be headed? With the policies the liberals are pushing, there must be good reason to follow such idiotic programs. Desperation is not a reasonable approach to winning an election. If there is a liberal win, we will all be in trouble. Our country is in financial problems as it is, and with their socialist policies, by 2024 the U.S. will be bankrupt. Abortion will be the norm, money will be worthless, we will be overrun by immigrants and lawlessness, and drugs will prevail. At this point and time, we need conservative decisions to keep things in check to guarantee the future. I hope intelligent people will weigh their options and vote for the future of our great nation.

James A. Somers,