We can’t afford it

In The Advertiser-Tribune March 9, section 7A, was a page of Democratic Socialists utopia wish lists. Election Day would be a holiday, have the public pay for their campaigns, make sure states can’t purge the voter rolls, let ex-felons vote.

Another article has Sen. Bernie Sanders wanting Medicare for all and include long-term care. Just these two programs would cost $25 trillion to $35 trillion or more. Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants universal child care and a wealth tax.

As we know, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex wants the New Green Deal. This would get rid of planes, cars, nuclear power, oil, coal, natural gas and tear down all buildings to make them energy efficient, replacing all this with high-speed rail, solar and wind power. Of course, this would not work, but it would cost $200 trillion-$300 trillion or more for a failed economy.

Who is going to pay for all this monstrosity of spending? Who else but us. Our politicians have already put us $22 trillion in debt.

The Democrat Socialists want to tax the so-called rich 90 percent. They want to tax us 70-80 percent. What will we live on? That doesn’t include the state, county, township, school, real estate and dozens of hidden taxes that we already pay.

We can’t afford these people. You need to think hard before you vote for Democrats. Elections have consequences when you vote wrong. You can’t trust them. To them, the ends justifies the means. Or you could do what I do and never vote for a Democrat.

Rebecca Orians,

rural Tiffin