A taste of the past

Today, I visited my past to a place my parents took my brother, sister and I quite often. Jolly’s. The location is different and the female carhops are now long gone.

Jolly’s opened in 1947, still family owned. Yes, I fell prey to all of the big-name burger shops and restaurants now covering up Tiffin. The times have truly changed, people didn’t eat out near as much then. Today, it is almost a religious act to eat at least one meal out each day. Please don’t let all the past slip away. The hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and yes, oh yes, the homemade root beer, even the diet is beyond good. For us old enough to remember, so much of the decor is right out of the ’50s and ’60s. For you younger parents, please, give your children a delicious taste of your past, before it, too, slowly disappears and only lives in us old enough to remember. You don’t even have to honk your horn.

Mark Nusbaum,