Action delayed

Republican State Rep. Bill Reineke entered the 2020 race for the Ohio Senate’s 26th District seat April 8 just as Ohio taxpayers were learning they may never fully recoup $137 million lost to e-charter attendance scams.

This serves as a reminder that Reineke accepted more than $12,000 in political contributions from Electronic Classroom of the Future founder Bill Lager. ECOT is responsible for nearly $115 million of the total debt owed to Ohio taxpayers from false student attendance data, but has repaid only about $8 million.

ECOT’s abuse of schoolchildren and taxpayers took place on Reineke’s watch, while he took more than $12,000 in campaign cash from the founder and architect of the largest, most hurtful charter school scam in the state. Now he’s asking for a promotion.

It looks like Ohio taxpayers will never be made whole. The warning signs of ECOT’s corruption were there for years, but instead of taking action, Reineke took Bill Lager’s checks.

Ohioans deserve legislators who will take action at the first sign of trouble, not wait until it’s too late, when taxpayers are out $137 million.

Dylan J Poe,