Build the wall

I see by the April 4 paper, Jonah Goldberg has taken on the role of personal immigration expert who thinks he knows all about the border crisis. He again gets his information from whoever. The president is right there. There is a crisis at the border, he has been there and talked to the people who police it. He gets his information firsthand not from liberals who want to obstruct.

I see the liberals now have a new plan to win the elections. They want to turn over the Electoral College’s votes to the person who wins the popular vote. This would ensure the states with the largest populations could control the election outcome. This would mean liberal states like California and New York will be able to choose the next president. The smaller states would have very little voice in the matter. I am sure California, with its questionable legal voters, will have a big edge on the outcome and secure the liberal votes and elections indefinitely.

Again, Mr. Goldberg, the wall is not to keep people out but to control how they enter our country. They must do it in an orderly fashion, so they can be properly processed. It is not the responsibility of the U.S. to house these people and pay for their keep until they are properly admitted. The money we would spend for the border wall would be the best use of our dollars and in the long run would save billions on trying to control the immigration problem we are facing.

James A. Somer,