Look in your backyard

What has happened to our elected officials in the House and Senate? The Mueller report is finished and President Donald Trump has been exonerated of collusion. Why are the liberals in Congress so upset? They were planning on a big report that would let them impeach Trump of wrongdoing and Russian collusion. Well, now what will they do but keep the investigation going until they find he was guilty of jaywalking or crossing at a corner on a no walk signal and they got him. This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. I thought they were elected to work for their constituency not spend four years trying to impeach Trump, a Republican, whom they don’t like. So most of the Democrats will spend their four years and not accomplish anything. Will the voters wake up and elect people who will work for them and not spend their time in childish pursuit of nothing? I cannot remember when Washington was so screwed up. They should spend their time on constructive issues such as health care, the debt, our border crisis and many other things that are serious problems. They are so focused on the fact we have a Republican in the White House, they cannot see the many issues they need to be working on. I cannot remember when our representatives in Washington are so more productive. There is insanity in Washington that is getting worse and dangerous. I hope they wake up soon and do the job they were elected to do. I was reading in the paper on March 26, the liberals will not give up. Maybe they need to look at their party. I think they will find many glitches in their character.

James A. Somers Tiffin