Where is uproar over tearing apart babies?

Unbelievable! Amazing! Shocking! Unheard of!

These are just a few of the thoughts that went racing through my head when I just read the front page of March 29, The A-T’s “sidebar” article.

It appears New York is all up in arms over “Bread sliced bagels!” Are you kidding me? NYC’s chief of detectives thanked Twitter posters for “reporting this crime!”

Eliza Orlins, a city public defender, tweeted, “I am a lifelong New Yorker and this hurts my soul,” according to this report.

The owner of a bagel shop in Brooklyn is quoted as saying, “But to walk down the street with a bagel that’s cut up like that seems pretty ridiculous.”

Mind you, this is the state that is celebrating its recent decision to allow abortions up to the baby’s birthday, and if born alive during this abortion, they can be “left for dead!”

You tell me … which is the bigger “crime” here!?

For these New Yorkers to be so upset over how a bagel is “sliced,” yet so many in that state could care less that a human baby is sliced and killed in the act of abortion, is just unfathomable!

How disgusting to watch their governor and other elected officials and “people of power” celebrating their choice to legalize abortion up to birth and infanticide (which it IS when you let a baby to be left to die!), and “proclaiming it to the world” by having Tower One lit up in pink at that time, is just more than one can comprehend.

Don’t you find it beyond amazing that how a bagel is sliced in New York gets the attention and a column in a newspaper, but their killing babies left and right causes no “uproar” of the same? God help us that this country/world of ours has stooped to such levels! More than 3,600 little lives are lost to abortion daily without a care, without a flashy news article, without it being a “crime”?

I just wonder what it will really take for people to “get it,” for them to see the atrocity that abortion truly is. Go see the movie “Unplanned” and if your eyes are not opened, and your soul touched, then blind and calloused you will forever be, for the truth is told and shown in that movie and those people working in abortion clinics know it, too, or they wouldn’t laugh that the P.O.C. room in their clinics isn’t for “products of conception,” rather “parts of children,” as they call it! That’s right, they know it’s children, yet they have closed their eyes and hearts to the truth in order to continue to collect their wage.

Until people rise up to defend these little innocent ones that cannot speak for themselves, I guess we’ll have to keep reading insane articles out of NYC about how slicing a bagel in a certain way is a “crime,” yet the killing of our own precious babies goes on 3,600-plus times, day and night, without that being considered a crime; because over 40 years ago, people in black robes decided it could be made legal. Well, God does not wear a black robe and someday everyone who agrees with abortion will meet the real judge, and I’m sure he will care more about how we fought for the lives of these littlest of ones, instead of how a bagel was sliced!

Ginny Bursa,