Continue to step up and step out

Hope springs eternal! We see spring budding forth in all directions — unabashedly! The trees’ beauty, the cardinals’ singing “Tada” all divert our attention to much-appreciated pleasantries after a long and tiresome winter. Such heart-lifting sights and chants of nature momentarily boost our spirits and help us forget personal hardships and national confusion.

In the midst of constant swirling, national crises, Nonviolent Tiffin ( speaks up and applauds the efforts Tiffin is making to build up our town, its pride, its opportunities, its charm and invitations to all its citizens. We are well aware that we, as an organization, are working in concert with the efforts of merchants, mayor, open-arm and open-minded citizens who are trying to make Tiffin a welcoming city.

Recently, Nonviolent Tiffin featured Dr. Kit Evans-Ford, a survivor of sexual assault, to help the audience see and experience through interaction that a living, active HOPE is our way of going forward in the face of conflicts and crime, while designing events which point all Tiffin-area residents toward integrating additional skills and motivation to build relationships inclusive to residents who don’t feel “they’re of any worth to the town.” Nonviolent Tiffin continues to listen especially to people expressing fears about housing, their past crimes, their need to “stay clean.” We’re also listening to children whose parents are arguing and fighting much of the time, to children of difficult divorces, to men and women needing and wanting to stay away from former “friends” whom they feel weak around.

We now recognize a little better the lack of motivation and inability in many circumstances for some residents to reach out beyond their own difficult circumstances. We know the way forward for some Tiffin residents is often much more difficult than it might seem to the typical resident born into stable family circumstances. We know now that there is “no walking in the shoes of the other” unless there is a strong compassionate effort to learn the others’ circumstances — unless there is a relationship built up from learning and then assuring a sense of equality to the person who is usually outside of our circles.

Nonviolent Tiffin recognizes the positive efforts of Tiffin leadership. Its committee members do, however, continue to see the need for each regular resident to reach out intentionally to anyone addicted to meth, to cocaine, to heroin, and to people at risk for suicide. All these real tragedies continue to afflict many good people around us. We believe that illegal usage of drugs, etc., is the prevailing cause of area thieveries, of break-ins and property destruction.

To repeat: In our opinion, area residents must initiate or continue to step up and step out to reach out to at-risk relatives, friends, neighbors and connect them to all the proper counseling and mental health services available in our area. We’re most fortunate to have so many services close by. Thank you.

Sister Paulette Schroeder,

Nonviolent Tiffin

(567-230-0220 if you’d like to possibly join the committee)