Elect people who care

The border problem has been placed in President Donald Trump’s lap and the liberals are avoiding the issue. I hope they will close the border and add more troops with guns to be more effective. This problem will not go away and the liberals will never give our president a win no matter how many of our people are hurt by criminals and drugs. This should give the voters a clue that the liberals don’t care about the people who elected them. They only want to get Trump at all costs. This is the worse thing they could do just to get a man they don’t like.

Many of the presidential candidates are now quoting the Bible after supporting late-term abortion and wanting to take prayer out of schools. You can’t have it both ways. You either follow God’s laws or serve the devil. They have no conscience and very little moral integrity.

They promise giving all kinds of benefits to everyone free without any answer as to how to pay for it, thinking they are gullible enough to believe we could afford the trillions of dollars it would cost without telling them how much taxes would have to rise to pay for them. It would cost every taxpayer a large chunk of their pay to make it possible. Their health are is subsidized by as much as 80% and there many perks to their job. This must be changed before it completely destroys our form of government.

James A. Somers,