Fed up with obstruction

I was reading an article written by Jules Witcover who identifies as a political columnist. By reading his article, he should identify as a Democratic political columnist. He calls President Donald Trump a con man. Trump is the first president who is trying to do what he promised. Not like the last president we had who only gave the voters lip service. And the fact Trump has accomplished what he has with the liberals against everything he has tried to do. The liberals care very little about what is good for America, they only want to oppose our president. There are many issues our country is facing that are critical. To not face these problems to only spite Trump proves the liberals do not care what the voters want. What will become of our political system if this persists? We will never have any agreements. Our government will spend most of its time in turmoil and will accomplish nothing. We must sit down and discuss issues and try to agree on compromise. I think term limits would help to get new blood and new ideas and not the same old locked-in opinions. Both political parties are at fault and they must work together for the sake of our democracy. The Republicans in Congress must get over their fear of the Democrats. They need to get some backbone and stand up for our president. Through all of this talk of investigations I have heard from only a few of them. The rest must have gone home or are asleep. If this the best they do then don’t run again. Let someone who will stand up for what is right and support our government.

James A. Somers,