In defense of ‘Field of Dreams’

Totally disgusted with the article in The A-T, “‘Field of dreams’ is a terrible movie,” by Paul Newberry.

“Field of Dreams” is an excellent movie. A little far-fetched? Yes. If Newberry had to critique each character, their color or whatever he was doing, then he didn’t get anything from the movie. It was just a movie! I loved the history, whether minutely correct or not, the family values, how Doc Graham was there for them and what he gave up. and most of all getting that one more moment with his dad!

Take a look on the streets, Mr. Newberry — critique what you see, how family values are gone. Video games with the shooting, characters that don’t even … I don’t even know how to describe. You go in for the kill on a clean, awesome movie. I would give anything to walk out in a corn field to play ball or a wheat field with a bowling ally in it, just to have that one more moment with my dad! That’s what a good movie is about!

Cheryl Hoover,

rural Tiffin