Shameful behavior

I was watching the congressional circus that for the last few days has treated Attorney General William Barr like a criminal; but then, Democrats treat everyone like a criminal, so it wasn’t surprising. The questioning was/is vicious, the likes not seen before. The Democrats are crying in their beer because the Mueller report didn’t find dirt on President Donald Trump. The Democrats don’t like the AG redacting the report of the investigation. The report is redacted to omit any security issues or embarrassing testimony from witnesses

Barr didn’t show for the second hearing. I don’t blame him, the way he was treated during the questioning. Rep. Cohan, D-Tennessee, photographed eating chicken and the chairman of the committee Nadler, D-New York, urging him on. Both referring to Barr’s not showing for more of their lunacy. Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah chimed in on how they thought it was disgusting and they are big Trump opponents.

Democrats want him to resign for doing his job. They want Trump to resign or ne impeached because he is Trump, lunacy. Now, the Democrats want another investigation to investigate the investigator who did the investigation. More lunacy. I have tried to be open-minded throughout the whole fiasco of the Mueller investigation. The fact Mueller and his investigation was staffed by Democrats and couldn’t find dirt like the Democrats thought he would sent them to the deep end and put all decorum, that is Congress, into the toilet.

During the last two and a half years, the Democrats have managed to turn American against American not seen since the Civil War. During my last 70 trips around the sun, I have never seen this type of conduct or behavior. Even during the Vietnam War, when the country was divided. It didn’t pit American against American the way this behavior has. I find it hard to believe that the rank and file Democrats of this country condone this type of behavior. I would be ashamed.

Ronald Williams,