Stop the slaughter

The news said only five Democrats in the House voted against late-term abortions. I can’t believe the rest voted for it. I cannot believe that many have no pity for small helpless little humans. You look at a baby the first time and fall in love. Killing a baby is no different than killing a person. The last time I checked, that is called murder. Why would anyone want to kill a beautiful baby created by God? You may not believe in our Lord, but do you like to gamble about your afterlife, about his promise of heaven and hell? This is not your call to make. This little being is innocent without sin and cannot be judged by man. These babies do not even have the consideration of a trial. I think if anyone would watch an abortion at one of these clinics, they would be in shock when they see how brutally these innocent beings are treated. This process is no better than animals at a slaughterhouse. This would leave a permanent scar on your soul. We talk about how people are killed in Africa by waring tribes. At least they can run or fight. But helpless little babies can do neither. As a Christian country, we must make sure abortion will no longer be tolerated. Pray for these little ones. There are many people in this country who would give anything for a baby.

James A. Somers,