Teens need activities

I am a student at Columbian High School and I decided to write about how there is a lack of teenage things to do in town and how that should be fixed. I believe there should be more things for teenagers to do around town so then maybe teens would stay out of trouble and they also would keep some kids busy and not want to stay home as much.

If Tiffin introduced a few different leisure activities for teens that would increase the amount of teens who come out instead of staying home and sitting home all day. They performed a study that shows that 60% of teens between the ages of 13 to 17 spend more time on their cell phones and social media rather than going outside and enjoying it. They think the reason for this outcome is because teens are so attached to their phones that it encourages them to want to stay home and look at a screen all day instead of getting out and having a good time with friends and family.

For example, when a teenager is asked whether they want to go out and hang with friends and family or stay home on their phone, most of them probably would stay home and play on their phone because teens these days are just glued to their phones. There are few solutions that I would recommend to help this lack of teenage activities in Tiffin such as a mall, bowling alley and maybe inserting a roller skating rink of some sort. I believe that if we help increase the amount of leisure activities for teens then maybe there would be less teens staying home and not doing anything.

Katelynn Kaufman,