Tunnel Hill just in it for the money

I want my voice to be heard along with others. Please be aware that I speak for myself, but also for those who are scared to speak out for one reason or another.

I believe they are afraid to speak because of the size and wealth of Tunnel Hill, and taking on such a task as fighting against them is overwhelming.

I have spoken before and have told my tale of imminent death. And since that time, I have been approached by others with their stories.

I know without a doubt I was not sick before working there, but only became that way while employed.

Since I spoke, Tunnel Hill has tried to push off all guilt of any past discrepancy by stating that it was before they took over. That is a falsehood. I have uncovered (and documentation is available) that the landfill was purchased by the same out-of-country organization twice since 2008. And that it was purchased from a company that was involved with Tunnel Hill for over $500 million, each instance.

Why mention this? Because there has been a pattern of negligence in regards to Sunny Farms, and the culprits are either owned by or are in business with Tunnel Hill or Macquarie of Australia for a very long time. So when told “it wasn’t us, that’s before we took over,” it is a lie. Seems that Tunnel Hill just passes it off to someone else in the group when trouble arises.

Which means that the years of dumping contaminated soil, asbestos (employee divulged information) and other things that harm human life, fall directly on Tunnel Hill and all their subsidiaries/affiliates the are part of the whole.

I will not allow my death to be in vain, whenever it may come. And all the rest who are sick will not be ignored.

To those representatives of Sunny Farms who may be in the room, once again I ask the value of a human life? According to profits for the years past, I guess that multiple lives are worth multiple millions.

But only speaking for myself. The PCB dirt brought in during my employment was disposal paid for on a discount. I guess the lives at that time were worth a little less.

And in closing. This is directed to all representatives from the landfill. Especially Ben Nutter, spokesperson. And Matthew Neely, senior vice president. Have you had any of the city water to drink yet? Do you get your hands dirty at the transfer station and breath in the dust? No, I didn’t think so. Well, try to imagine what my children drink and what I had to breath with no safety gear. Now imagine if it was yourself or your children. Do not tout your accomplishments, Nutter. Because the only thing you have accomplished at this juncture is to align yourself with people ( and I use that word knowing otherwise ) that only care about their money.

Believe it when I say, if you can’t get it right or you fail in this endeavor, they will not hesitate to drop you as well. They do not care about me, you or anyone else.

As long as I am still able to breath, I will be a thorn in your side. But don’t worry, it seems because of what you allowed to come in there, It won’t be too long before I am no longer a problem for you.

I hope I am buried at your front door as a reminder of what you have done.

Thomas Domich,

former employee