Don’t let rights be stolen by Dolan

So now word comes out of Columbus that the Ohio Power Siting Board is seriously considering rules requiring wind companies to report blade throws and other incidents that are threats to public safety. Really? Do you mean they haven’t had to do that all along? Well then I guess it’s time they started!

The OPSB staff has recommended that the Seneca Wind Project not be allowed to go forward. We’ll see if that recommendation holds up or if sPower can hire enough lawyers to push it through. But regardless, there are two other projects in the works and then three more beyond that trying to get landowners to sign leases in Seneca County. With all the government handouts to wind projects, developers are making an all out effort to grab the loot and cover us up in wind turbines.

Currently state law allows 600′ tall turbines to be built about 1335 feet from neighbors. But as part of their new rule process the OPSB has learned that wind turbines in Ohio have thrown 6 pound chunks of blade hundreds of feet farther than that. My question is why in the world would they allow turbines built so close to the neighbors when they already know it is not safe?

After attending committee hearings in Columbus and listening to what is said there I think I know the answer to my question. Lobbyists for the wind companies wait in line all day to testify, one after another after another, about how wonderful wind turbines are and how if only they could build them closer to neighbors the world would be a better place. And there are politicians there that believe that without a care for public safety. Our rights to be safe on our own property are being stolen by Dolan and his ilk in the Legislature.

It is high time the Reineke Referendum become the law of the land in Ohio. It is obvious that we cannot rely on the wind companies or many of the politicians in Columbus to watch out for us. With the opportunity for a referendum on wind projects we can watch out for ourselves by looking at the project plans and voting them out if they are not designed with our communities best interests in mind. Being told that we must damage our community to save the planet is a saleman’s line that I might buy into, but not when it comes with the power of the state forcing me to. I can recognize crony capitalism when I see it.

Jim Hoffert