Thank you to The A-T for the new changes

I would like to thank the new Publisher, Jeremy Speer, and any other people responsible for the new look on the front page of the Advertiser-Tribune.

I am a Real Estate Broker, and for years when I had an out of area Buyer I would send them a newspaper to acquaint them with Tiffin and the area. In recent years I have stopped that practice because it seemed the front page was all doom and gloom. Especially a lot of comment about crime. Of course that can be viewed in 2 different ways, it can be viewed as Wow! They really have a handle on the crime in their area, or Wow! There is so much crime in Tiffin I don’t think I want to move there.

So, thank you for all the positive, local news on the front page. The color enhances the new look. I now look forward to reading the paper again. The crime is on the page with the court news, in my opinion that is a good change.