Learn and explore with book bundles

Are you ever in a rush to pick up a movie and a few books? How does a movie and two books with a related activity sound to you? One answer may be Tiffin-Seneca Public Library’s junior department Book Bundles. Each of the 17 Book Bundles kits contain two books and a DVD in a blue zippered case. Books and movies usually are not repeats of items you may find in junior media, board or picture books collections.

The items are selected to appeal to ages 2 through 6 years old. An art sheet with suggestions for drawing and writing are for after you have seen and talked about the books and movie. Currently, Book Bundles are located on the shelves below the parent/teacher collection, and you can enjoy them for three weeks.

The books you find in the Book Bundles were selected for clear pictures, a simple story and short length. Some books may contain unfamiliar words to explain to your child before or during the story. Have the child repeat the word so they are more comfortable with the new vocabulary. Children learn the most from books when they actively are involved. Reading a book the traditional way develops listening skills. A dialog between caregiver and child can start with discussing the pictures. This begins dialogic reading and develops vocabulary and narrative skills. Ask questions that cannot be answered yes or no. Give the child plenty of time to answer. Ask open ended questions such as “What do you see in this picture?” All reading is valuable and helps in a child’s early literacy development.

“Alphabet,” “Counting,” “Colors,” “Shapes” “Opposites” and “School” Book Bundles provide opportunities to explore, learn and practice early literacy concepts. “Bugs” will open a view of the fascinating world of insects. In the “Community Helpers” bundle, men and women provide examples of workers and firefighters. “Heroes” recognizes family roles. The “Transportation” bundle lets children know travel can be in hot air balloons, bicycles or any other way. Ducks and chicks help get the point across in the “Potty Training” bundle. Explore feelings and being helpful in “Me, Myself and I.” A classic fairy tale of “Puss in Boots” explores what to wear or not wear on your feet. Tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops and other prehistoric creatures are featured in the “Dinosaurs” Bundle. Learn that big pets can have feathers, scales, or fur and live in ponds or sleep in cages when you check out the “Pets” bundle.

Relax and enjoy the stories in the Book Bundles with the children who are with you every day.

Constance Kerby Cole is manager of the junior library at Tiffin-Seneca Public Library.