Library appreciates volunteers

Many people come to the library to simply browse and let our extensive collection tell you what to read next.

Then there are those who know exactly what they want to read, and know exactly what shelf to find it on. When you find the perfect book on the shelf, right where it needs to be, thank a volunteer.

Here at Tiffin-Seneca Public Library, our volunteers take pride in keeping the shelves looking nice and organized by making sure the books are in their proper place. But that’s not all they do. Library volunteers play a vital role in assisting our staff in the behind-the-scenes operation of the library to provide a variety of services to the community. Whether that be shelving books, helping to digitize items, working a library event or assisting with a number of other tasks, volunteers help the library run smoothly every day.

In 2018, a total of 191 volunteers donated more than 1,330 hours of their time to the Library. Thirteen people serve in the Library Volunteer Program with several of those individuals volunteering more than 100 hours to the library in the past year. The rest are personally asked to assist with programs including the Community Read events, Foundation Speakers series and Trivia Night in Downtown Tiffin.

National Volunteer Week and, coincidentally, National Library Week, both happen to be the week of April 7-13.

National Volunteer Week is an annual event that celebrates the impact of volunteer service and highlights how volunteers can come together to build stronger communities. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to say thank you and to let your volunteers know the difference that they make in your organization. Please plan to show the volunteers in your life (professional or personal) how much they mean to you by planning something special just for them, not just this week, but as often as you can.

Here at the library, recognizing the hard work that our wonderful volunteers do has become a priority. We are holding a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner during National Volunteer Week, which we hope will become an annual event.

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer can stop by and pick up an application. Our Library Volunteer Program recruits a limited number of individuals in our Circulation Department, Community Relations Department and Youth Services Department. A satisfactory background check is required of individuals volunteering in the Youth Services Department. Although most positions are filled at any given time, applications are kept on file for one year and new volunteers will be accepted when spots open up.

When people volunteer, they not only make a difference for others, but for themselves, too. As Winston Churchill once said, “You make a living by what you earn; you make a life by what you give.”

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Kayleigh Tschanen is the community relations manager at Tiffin-Seneca Public Library.