College Football Season Nearly Over

The 2016 college football season is nearly over, but what a ride it’s been in the last month.  There are so many storylines that it is hard to pick just one, so I won’t.  Let’s try five stories that make 2016 one that won’t be soon forgotten.

A former Wake Forest assistant coach turned radio broadcaster gave team information to at least three schools during the Demon Deacons just completed season.  Apparently unhappy about not being retained when the head coaching position changed hands, he was guilty of behavior that has never been seen before.

Minnesota Golden Gophers football players boycotted all football activities after the university suspended ten players for UM’s bowl game after an independent investigation revealed sexual assault complaints may have had some validity even though police refused to press charges.  The players subsequently relented and played though their stance may have contributed to the firing of their coach today.

Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon was taunted by Auburn fans at the Sugar Bowl after a video was made public of hit punching a female student three years ago.  He had been suspended for the 2014 season and has had no issues since, but Tiger fans felt like he should not be playing.  Oklahoma fans applauded him.  I wonder if the fans would have been on the opposite side of the fence if it was the other way around.  Team loyalty seems paramount.

Lane Kiffin will not be Alabama’s offensive coordinator for the national championship game.  Kiffin has accepted the head coaching duties at Florida Atlantic University, but was to finish the season with the Tide first.  After the semifinal game – a mutual decision, it was said – had Kiffin stepping aside to focus on FAU while Steve Sarkisian will take over now instead of next season.  This seems really weird to me, but then so do the other things in this post.

Finally I guess we can say that the committee that chose the four teams for the playoff got it right -sort of.  The Alabama-Clemson rematch of last season promises to be very exciting.  Ohio State and Washington offered little resistance in the semis especially the Buckeyes leaving plenty of room for criticism of those two choices.  On the other hand if the Michigan-Florida State and Penn State-USC games had been playoff games in, say, an 8 team playoff – well, there is an argument for a broader field.

The view from my seat suggests that with all the drama there is no doubt that college football is well worth following!