A Scary and Frustrating Half Hour

It was shortly after 1:00 P.M. last Saturday. My wife wanted me to take our unused medications to the drop off site, but we also wanted to leave by 2:00 to visit relatives. Since one of the sites was the Tiffin Police Department, I hopped in my van and headed downtown. How long could this possibly take, I thought. Turns out it was a lot longer and much more frustrating than one can imagine.

After turning on to Market St. from E. Pointe Ct. a car pulled out in front of me from Dwight St. The driver wanted nothing to do with the center line, driving so far to the right that I thought he/she was going to hit the curb. Twenty miles per hour was as fast as this person was going to go. When the two of us turned onto Perry St. I decided to go into the left lane if the (presumed) old timer was going to stay in the right lane. As I started to make my move, the turn signal came on. I tucked back in behind as the car not only went towards the left lane but turned left onto the Circular St./Clinton St. cut thru. The “only” problem with the move was the fact that the traffic light was very much RED.

I watched as the car approached the RED light at Market St. Thankfully the driver stopped for that one!

I stopped at the 15 minute parking spot outside the police station on Monroe St. and went to the doors. They were locked. I went to the doors on Market St. and found the same thing. No one was around so I decided to head to another drop off site – Mercy Hospital. I took Sycamore St. out to Rt. 224 and headed west. At the intersection of Rt. 53, the car ahead of me decided to turn left and proceeded to do so though a car was eastbound on Rt. 224. That car had to brake hard to avoid an accident and I’m left shaking my head – AGAIN.

As I approached Mercy Hospital I moved into the left hand turn lane and stopped for the red light. Soon a pickup truck whizzed right past me and barreled through the RED light. Fortunately no one was coming and the driver stopped for the light heading east and I shared a shake of our heads when the light did change.

In the lobby of Mercy Hospital I found NO ONE! Two of the three drop off sites had been visited, but I took the old meds back home as frustrated as I had been in a long time.

Perhaps it should be noted that there were no more traffic incidents on the way home, but what a scary and frustrating half hour it was. Also we did manage to get away by the aforementioned 2:00, but not without a lot of grumbling from yours truly.

The view from my seat would suggest two things. 1st. Drivers need to be more careful. Red lights mean stop! 2nd. If the powers to be want people turn in old unused prescriptions, you better make it easier to do so!