How About Rewarding Loyalty

I made a trip to the local cable office this week. I have been a customer of Time Warner, now Spectrum, for a long time. I currently have a package where I bundle my cable, internet and phone. I went to the office because I was, quite frankly, miffed. Let me explain.

When my monthly bill goes up by $5 in a year I don’t have a problem. A year ago my bill went up $15 a month and that caused some concern, but I did nothing. When I got my “new” bill last week it had gone up another $30! Now you know why I was miffed.

I suggested to the lady (who was very nice) that the increase did not sit well with me. I also stated that I did not understand how new subscribers were only paying $30 a month for the same thing I was being asked to pay $168/month for. She wanted to know where I got that $30 figure and I said it was on TV ads. She pointed out that I had misread the information. I later checked and she was right. In small print it says that the $30 figure was per service. I could talk about misleading advertising, but that is not my point here.

Even with the new information I am still being asked to pay significantly more than a new customer. That doesn’t seem right to me. The lady pointed out that it is good business sense to offer a deal to new customers. Though that may be true, doesn’t it make equal sense to take care of your loyal customers?

Here’s a suggestion for Spectrum. How about rewarding those of us that have given you our business for many years. How about after, say five or ten years, you give us a discount. Maybe automatically give us the same deal that the newbies get for a year. If people know they are going to be eventually rewarded for putting up with yearly price increases, they may stick around. Otherwise you may have people defecting – I’m sure many have done so – to another provider.

The view from my seat suggests that if Spectrum rewarded loyalty in some manner, they would not have to give “deals” to new customers. What say Spectrum?