MLB Hits A Home Run

Major League Baseball decided that last weekend would be players weekend. Players were allowed to wear their own shoe designs as well as socks. They could put their nickname (subject to MLB censorship and yes a couple were turned down) on the back of their jerseys. It was a way to have fun and make major league baseball become more personalized.

I’d say MLB hit a home run.

The players seemed to love it. The fans likewise. When you have a Black Bear and Brown Bear warming up together in a bullpen, well, that’s just cool. Perhaps the best thing baseball did was to play a big league game in a minor league park at the sight of the Little League World Series. Those youngsters had to be thrilled to intermingle with major leaguers and the post game handshakes (like their Little League counterparts) of the Cardinals and Pirates was priceless.

Yes, I’d say baseball hit a home run, something that is being done at incredible rates this year. At the end of the season check out how many players will have set personal bests in home runs. Check out the record that will be set for home runs overall, which I heard today is to be bypassed on Sept. 18 at the current pace.

There is no doubt in my mind that the ball is juiced. I’m willing to accept that, although as a baseball purist, I can enjoy a 1-0 shutout as well as a slugfest. I would like to see baseball admit to the balls being wound a little tighter. In the NFL this would go down as Stitchgate!

The view from my seat suggests that baseball will always be a great sport. This past weekend did nothing to dispel that truth. Congrats MLB on hitting that home run.